The Center for Transnational
and Multilingual Education (CTME)

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The purpose of the CTME is to:

  • provide research and evidence-based policies and procedures to educational professionals
  • assure that educational systems are prepared
  • facilitate all students becoming multiple language learners who embrace global languages

  • Center researchers develop and evaluate approaches to instruction that lead to high levels of academic achievement and multiple language proficiencies as well as transnational awareness in K-12 students. The results of this research will inform the preparation of teachers, administrators, counselors, speech-language therapists, and social workers as a basis to provide innovative professional preparation for pre- and in-service education professionals that responds to current societal needs.
  • Understanding that these approaches necessitate schools that are accessible, inviting, and easily navigated by everyone, and acknowledging the important role families and communities play in the intellectual development of children, CTE will also develop practices designed to expand and enhance family competencies and build on community-based funds of knowledge needed to effectively communicate with school personnel, support student learning, and make informed education-related decisions.

Documentation of Dual Language Immersion Schools

Sue Kasun

Academia Page:

G Sue Kasun profile imageSue Kasun, Center Director -- Sue Kasun, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Language Education in the Department of Middle and Secondary Education. She has over two decades of experiences as a K-12 and university educator in Mexican and U.S. schools as a bilingual and ESOL educator. Kasun has a well-respected body of research with transnational Mexican families, spanning borders in multi-sited work. Most recently, she has been involved in local Latino family community organizing at a Georgia Dual Immersion elementary school. Her publications have appeared in Teachers College Record, Anthropology & Education Quarterly, and Equity & Excellence in Education.

Academia Page:

Cathy AmantiCathy Amanti (Associate Director of Program Development and Community Outreach) -- Cathy Amanti, from the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education (ECEE), brings experience as a bilingual education teacher, curriculum specialist, and school administrator to her work in the Center for Transnational and Multilingual Education. Her research focuses on families and community, bilingual education, and the global flow of education policies. Her publications address such topics as critical perspectives on teaching and learning, culturally and linguistically relevant pedagogy, and language and power. She is internationally recognized for her work on Funds of Knowledge


Laura MayLaura May (Associate Director of Research)--Laura May, also from ECEE, spent the first 6 years of her career as a Spanish-English bilingual elementary teacher and bilingual literacy specialist in school districts. Since that time and for the past 13 years, she has worked as a teacher educator focused on culturally and linguistically relevant pedagogy and researched culturally and linguistically relevant teaching practices. She is currently PI on two National Professional Development Projects, Juntos and ESCUELA.


Benjamin MooreBenjamin R. Moore III (Graduate Research Assistant), an Atlanta native, has a B.A. and M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Georgia State University with minors in English and African American studies.. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate in the Teaching and Learning Ph.D. program with a concentration in Language and Literacy at GSU.


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