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How to Become A Teacher in Middle and Secondary Education

Catalog listings for the College of Education & Human Development:

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We’re glad you want to teach in middle and secondary education! Whether you’re just entering Georgia State University as an undergraduate, or returning to us as a graduate student, we’ve got a program that will match your needs.

Undergraduate Level

All of our undergraduate educator preparation programs are overseen by the Professional Education Faculty, which has membership from both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education & Human Development and is advised by Atlanta-area schools.

For middle and secondary education, we offer the following programs:

Students with a declared major in art education, foreign language education, health and physical education, middle level education or music education must complete a department application process in order to take most junior and senior level classes (those designated as TEA or TE in the catalog course descriptions).

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For more information on undergraduate teaching programs contact the College of Education & Human Development’s Office of Academic Admissions.

Graduate Level

If you want to teach math, science, social studies, or English at the middle and/or high school level, or teach English language learners at any grade level, visit our TEEMS Teacher Preparation page.

If you’re already certified and looking to enhance your knowledge in specific content areas, try these programs:

Upper level graduate classes are designed for principals or department chairs in their respective content areas to enhance their knowledge and skills:

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