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Faculty Research Projects

Faculty answer questions about their research projects.

Stephanie Lee Behm Cross

Summarize the project in one to two sentences: The New Teacher Residency Project (NTRP) trains and supports prospective and early career teachers in innovative and effective ways that differ from traditional new teacher induction models in the following ways:

(1) Teachers are at the center of a support network of mentor teachers, cooperating teachers and an induction director for three years

(2) they gradually take on teaching responsibilities over a two-year period

(3) they participate in school-wide "critical friends groups"

(4) they continue to receive support from their trained and paid mentors and GSU faculty throughout their first three years of teaching

Name of grant or funded project (total amount, if available): Race to the Top Innovation Fund Grant; $927,839.

List of professors involved and students (if applicable): Stephanie Behm Cross (PI), Carla Tanguay (Co-PI)

List of any affiliates: Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School (ANCS)

Results/Statistics of interest: In December 2013, 93% of the teacher residents reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their experience in this program.

Learn more about ANCS and see the NTRP website 

Gholdy Muhammad

Project Summary: Black Girls Write! is an annual summer literary institute designed to advance the writing and identity development of adolescent girls ages 11-17. The literacy institute is shaped to reflect African American urban literary societies of the 1800s. Girls read and write powerful texts to make sense of their lives and the world around them.

Project Support: Scholastic

Dates: July 1-25, 2014

Location: College of Education & Human Development

Students Involved: Sherell McArthur, Ph.D. candidate

Patrick Enderle

Project Summary: To research a reciprocal model for teaching and learning computational competencies (CC) by connecting pre-service STEM teachers (PSTs) and urban Latino youth through Relevant, Engaging, and Authentic Learning (REAL) experiences.

Name of grant or funded project (total amount, if available): National Science Foundation- Division of Research on Learning, award, $ 773,237.

List of project staff (if applicable): Patrick Enderle (Principal Investigator- Georgia State University)

Anton Puvirajah (Co-Principal Investigator- University of Western Ontario)

Judith Monsaas (Co-Principal Investigator- University System of Georgia)

Rouhollah Aghasaleh (Postdoctoral Researcher)

List of any affiliates: The Latin American Association