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Field Placements

Practicum and student teaching placements for the B.S.E. in Middle Level Education and all M.A.T programs are managed by the Office of Field Placements (OFP) on the 3rd floor of the College of Education & Human Development building.

Please contact the Office of Field Placements, at [email protected] or 404-413-8152 with any inquiries.

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About Field Experiences

The field experiences vary among the B.S.E. and M.A.T. programs. Students will participate in practicum I and student teaching placements. In order to participate in the field experiences portion of the program, students must receive faculty approval and fulfill all prerequisite courses as outlined in their course of study.

Students will also be required to apply for a criminal background check through Student Check obtain and TORT liability coverage. The pre-service teacher must receive approval for field experiences from their program coordinator prior to submitting an application for placement.

Provisionally licensed teachers accepted into the M.A.T. degree program are required to complete the online application for practicum and student teaching placements through the Office of Field Placements. Their current teaching position at their school will be their field experience and a GSU university supervisor will be assigned by the Middle and Secondary Education department administration. Provisional teachers must be teaching in the content and age level for which they are earning certification.

Practicum Experiences

The practicum experiences (14 weeks) in the assigned school will vary between 16 hours per week (B.S.E. students) and 20 hours per week (M.A.T. students). The pre-service teacher will follow the assigned school’s calendar for holidays and vacation times. During practicum I, the intern  will learn about the day-to-day experiences of planning and teaching in classrooms. During practicum II/III – student teaching (14 weeks x 40 hours per week), the student teacher will function as “the teacher” with guidance from the assigned mentor teacher at the school. Field experiences are designed to resemble the actual responsibilities that teaching requires. Overall, the student teacher will spend approximately 900 hours in their field experience setting(s).