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Program Coordinators

Department of Middle and Secondary Education

Dr. Gertrude Tinker Sachs, Chair

MSE Programs and Program Coordinators


B.S.E. Middle Level Educationundergraduate Jacob Hackett

Program or Degree

Program Name

Program Coordinator



ESOL Sue Kasun
ESOL – Georgia ONmyLINE (GOML) Jayoung Choi
Reading Endorsement Gholnecsar Muhammad
Reading Specialist Nadia Behizadeh

B.S. / M.A.T.

Physics / Science Education Patrick Enderle


Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies Omer Ari


English Education Michelle Zoss
Mathematics Education Pier Junor Clarke
Middle Level Education – Language Arts/Social Studies Chantee Earl
Middle Level Education – Math/Science Morgin Jones Williams
Reading, Language, and Literacy – ESOL Sue Kasun
Reading, Language, and Literacy – ESOL – GOML Jayoung Choi
Science Education Kadir Demir
Social Studies Education Chantee Earl


English Education Ewa McGrail
Mathematics Education Iman Chahine
Mathematics Education – GOML  Iman Chahine
Reading, Language, and Literacy Education (Reading Specialist Certification) Nadia Behizadeh
Reading, Language, and Literacy Education – GOML (leads to Reading Endorsement and ESOL Endorsement; may lead to Reading Specialist Certification)  Gertrude Tinker Sachs
Science Education – GOML Ollie Manley
Social Studies Education Joe Feinberg
Urban Teacher Leadership Chantee Earl


Curriculum and Instruction (with 9 specializations: Art, Early Childhood/Elementary, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Middle Level, Foreign Language, Music, Science, and Social Studies) Caroline Sullivan


Teaching and Learning (Concentration: Language & Literacy Education) Peggy Albers
Teaching and Learning (Concentration: Mathematics Education) David Stinson
Teaching and Learning (Concentration: Music Education) Patrick Freer (COAS)
Teaching and Learning (Concentration: Science Education) Renee’ Schwartz
Teaching and Learning (Concentration: Social Studies Education) Chara Bohan
Teaching and Learning (Concentration: Teaching and Teacher Education) Stephanie Behm Cross

Note: MSE faculty also contribute to the M.Ed. in Urban Teacher Leadership program (housed in the Department of Educational Policy Studies), which has concentrations in MSE in English Education, ESOL Education, Mathematics Education, Middle Level Education, Reading Education, Science Education, and Social Studies Education.